About Us

Working with buyers and sellers as Real Estate Experts for a total of 75+ years, our team has studied what our buyers and sellers are asking for and through Hausbid we are providing a solution. Sellers are tired of keeping their listing on the market for too long and interrupting their lifestyle with showings and Open Houses at inconvenient times. This is leaving sellers frustrated and losing out on money they should be already investing in their new home! Buyers are falling in love with properties listed at a great price but missing out on writing an offer for many reasons: buyer/agent schedules don’t work in setting up showings, offers are written and accepted before buyers get a chance to write on their own, the offer writing process itself takes much too long. Buyers are looking for an easy way to see a property, write an offer and get their new home at a great price.

With a history of auction expertise, our team has provided a solution for both sellers and buyers alike in todays market. Hausbid.com is created of a team of experts who are available to answer any questions you might have on our process and we look forward to selling your home today and buying your new home with you tomorrow!