Active Marketing

Active Marketing Plan:

Key to success in this marketing plan is the daily contact we make to prospective buyers, sellers, who will soon be buyers, and top surrounding agents who have buyers for your home. Traditional methods of waiting for buyers to come to us are not NEARLY as effective as “Active Marketing”, which is physically contacting potential customers and asking them to look at your home. follows a much more strategic approach to marketing to quickly get the attention of the people who are most likely to buy your property. We apply our retail marketing expertise to craft breakthrough strategies to drive the performance of your auction. Utilizing the most advanced and scientific market segmentation principles, we determine the exact target market for your property and leverage our extensive database of buyers to deliver your sales message to the right buyers.

Our marketing campaigns feature a mix of marketing channels including signage, newspaper, direct mail, email, video, local retail distribution and marketing to drive interest in your property. We also drive awareness through geographically targeted keywords and banner campaigns, search engine marketing, personalized email, third-party websites, and social media postings.