Hausbid.com is a full service 4.5% commission real estate brokerage that offers Sellers a method to sell their home for top price in 60 days. Hausbid.com takes a 6 month marketing plan and in compresses it into a 60 day time period to provide maxium exposure for the seller during the 1st couple of weeks of the listing. Buyers will be able to purchase the home by bidding online in a competitive bidding environment against other qualified buyers. At the end of the selected time period the highest bidder will be the winner and be required to sign a legal state offer to purchase within 24 hours.


How Housbid Works for Sellers:

  • Home is listed for either 45 or 60 days or 6 month listings are available
  • Commission is 4.5% to the Seller
  • Buyer preview dates are held by broker and scheduled on days/times that fit your schedule. Advertised in local papers and Internet
  • Professional pictures, video of property and other marketing listed in marketing plan
  • Offers can be submitted after home has been on the market for 10 days
  • Buyers are directed to Hausbid.com to make bids If the buyer does not feel comfortable on the Internet they can fax or email in bids
  • Sellers don’t get the price they want, they don’t have to take it
  • Within 24 hours the top bidder will be required to go into an offer to purchase


How Housbid Works for Buyers:

  • Buyer preview dates are held by broker. Advertised in local papers and Internet, making it easy to view homes
  • When you find the listing, watch for the bid opening date where listing is accepting bids
  • If unable to  use internet, feel free to fax or email in bids
  • Complete Online Offer Form
  • Submit Offer
  • Once offer is accepted, complete Wisconsin State form WB-11 (with the assistance of an agent) to deliver within 24 hrs of acceptance.